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Casa Lawn Care

Exceptional Service

Magnified Grass
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Welcome to Casa Lawn Care

Casa Lawn Care guarantees satisfaction. We view your lawn as an investment to your overall home. A beautiful, healthy lawn enhances your property and image in your neighborhood, not to mention, your own personal enjoyment.

To keep your lawn looking thick, green and healthy it is important to mow your grass on a regular basis. In addition to mowing, changing directions each time will help keep your lawn looking healthy, rut-free and the best on the block. We blow off your driveways, sidewalks, and patios. This service is provided by the exceptional staff that takes pride in your grass looking the best it possibly can. We always go above and beyond! It doesn’t stop with just mowing your property, we make sure that the equipment that we use at your home is maintained on a regular basis. We believe it is important to keep our equipment running properly so that our staff can do an efficient job in a safe environment. We change our blades and wash our mower decks out daily to ensure that our mowers cut, not tear, your grass. Torn grass can lead to infectious diseases.

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