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Lawn Mower Setup

About Casa Lawn Care

Casa Lawn Care is a local lawn maintenance company owned and operated by Shawn Dunsmuir from Caledonia, Ontario. We proudly service Hamilton, Caledonia, Binbrook and their surrounding areas. We’re local, reliable, and looking forward to earning your business.

Quality service


Art to someone might be a painting to others  a poem, however to us its our lawn care and 10 years of experience.

Meet your needs

The passion that is put into our daily jobs oversees circumstances in order to find accurate, beneficiary and on time solutions to meet our client needs.

Main focus

Casa Lawn Care is dedicated to making your lawn the envy of your neighbours. Well not exactly, because we will make your neighbour's awesome as well!!  And you will end up having a rocking block of wonderful yards. 


We focus on providing your lawn what it needs to keep shining.

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